Credential Selector Page not working on second Access Gateway instance

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Last Modified Date : 21/03/2018
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We are installing a second Access Gateway (SPS) instance in a RHEL server, and after installation, we observe that the URL for Credential Selector Page is not working only in the second instance, and the requests are being processed by the proxy rules instead.

What we did is install the primary AG/SPS using TCP ports 80 for HTTP and 443 for HTTPS (it happens the same if we use different ports). Then, we install the second instance using TCP ports 81 for HTTP and 444 for HTTPS (we tried with other different free ports). Then, we tested accessing the Credential Selector page on the primary instance, and it is available on both http://<server>/chs and https://<server>/chs (it returns a 404 error, but it responds). Then, we test with the second instance on both http://<server>:81/chs and https://<server>:444/chs and the Credentials Selector Page is not available, so instead the 404 error the request is being processed by the proxy rules.

If we do an installation with only an instance on the server using the same ports (81 and 444) it works fine, it only fails when adding a second instance. This problem does not exist when running the AG/SPS on Windows, then the Credential Selector Page binds to the correct ports for all instances on the AG/SPS.

Checking the CHS logs, we do see the following error:
ERROR - localhost-startStop-1 - Deployment of CHS failed due to incorrect configuration. SmHostConf does not exist

But we have checked that there is a valid SmHost.conf in the second instance.

How we can solve this issue?

Access Gateway R12.7
The problem is caused as the SmHostConfPath parameter is empty in the file. This happens when the host registration process during the second instance installation is not performed or it failed.

To solve this issue you need to edit this file and set this parameter to the correct SmHost.conf file location:
- Edit the file located at: <your second instance AG install path>/Tomcat/webapps/chs/WEB-INF/classes/config/ 
- You will find the following line: 
- Set it accordingly to the path where the SmHost.conf file for the second instance resides, like: 
SmHostConfPath=<your second instance AG install path>/proxy-engine/conf/defaultagent/SmHost.conf 
- Save the changes and restart AG.