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Last Modified Date : 30/11/2018
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Trying to run the RoleDefGenerator command for a dynamic connector, created using Connector Xpress.
Below is the error which message.Can you please help me out

D:\Program Files (x86)\CA\Identity Manager\IAM Suite\Identity Manager\tools\RoleDefinitionGenerator\bin>
RoleDefGenerator.bat -d IM -h XXX -u etaadmin -n "Sybase ASE"
Created folder D:\Program Files (x86)\CA\Identity Manager\IAM Suite\Identity Manager\tools
Obtaining metadata doc...
Preparing data model...
Generating IM_FrameworkXml
Generating IM_ManagedObjectXml
Generating IM_ResourceBundle
Generating IM_JIAMToIMMappingXml
generateRoleDef called for IM_AccountManagementRoleDefXml
Generating search and list screens...
Generating account screens...
Generating account template screens...
java.lang.NullPointerException at
IDM R12.6 SP8.
The root cause of the RoleDefGenerator NPE is because Account Container class named as "eTDYNAccountContainer" was missing and expected into the metadata definitions. 
Add the container named as "Account Container" and dealing with "User Account" contained class. 
Deploy the new metadata. 
At this stage it should still fail because the metadata item name is generated with "eTDYNContainer001" when "eTDYNAccountContainer" is expected. 
So edit the metadata, change the class name from "eTDYNContainer001" to "eTDYNAccountContainer" and save it.