Creating Multiple CICS Loggers

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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-I am currently running two CICS regions and they both write records to the same log stream. How can I give each CICS region its own log streams so that it is easier to view the log activity for a particular region?



- First, if it is just a matter of viewing logger records, you can use the SELECT command to filter the display and show only the records from a particular CICS region. This can also be done by specifying the JOBNAME parameter on a command, for example CTRANLOG JOBNAME CICSPROD.

- However, you may want to totally separate the records by having each region write to its' own log file. You need to create two new CICS loggers by setting up an

 individual logger for each CICS region, and updating two parmlib members as follows:

- In the CICSOPTS parmlib member add two new logger options:

)IF JOBNAME=cicsjoba
)IF JOBNAME=cicsjobb

- The above will associate each CICS job with a specific CICS logger. To start each CICS logger, add the following statements in the SYSVIEW parmlib member: