Creating and configuring multiple Simulators on Unix and Linux

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Last Modified Date : 28/05/2018
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How to create and Configure Multiple Simulators on different Unix and Linux platforms.

In the DevTest home /bin folder make as many copies as needed of the SimulatorService program by running these commands:  

cp SimulatorService SimulatorService2
cp SimulatorService SimulatorService3
cp SimulatorService SimulatorService4

For each of these new programs, create a separate .vmoptions file by using vi or another editor:

In SimulatorService2.vmoptions enter the following: 

The Simulator name has to be unique for each simulator.
The port also should be unique and not used by another process.

So in SimulatorService3.vmoptions the following could entered:


Similarly for SimulatorService4.vmoptions

After configuring these new Simulators, they can be started from the bin folder using the commands:
./SimulatorService2 start
./SimulatorService3 start
./SimulatorService4 start
Additional Information:
Multiple simulators may be required when running tests that need a large number of concurrent users.
Note that the number of instances (concurrent users) can be configured for each Simulator.

For starting multiple simulators directly from the command line, without configuration see:

For configuring multiple simulators on Windows see: