CreateDirectoryException: action="mkdir", errno=111, errno2=EF076015

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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You are installing the Tomcat component delivered within the OPTIONAL package of CA Common Services. The installation is failing during the process to create one of the directories within the newly created zFS filesystem. The error messages are as follows:

Directory /cai/CASoftware/CCS/tpv/ created.

Dataset TECH.CAI.CCS.R14SP01.CEG1ZFS1 mounted to directory /cai/CASoftware/CCS/tpv/

Creation of directory structure /cai/CASoftware/CCS/tpv/tsh/ failed, because directory /cai/CASoftware/CCS/tpv/tsh could not be created. Directory /cai/CASoftware/CCS/tpv/tsh was not created. Internal Message Log not available. 

Attached Diagnostic Text:

mkdir failed. Error Code: 111 (EDC5111I Permission denied.) Errno2: 0xef076015

Initial cause: action="mkdir", errno=111, errno2=EF076015, info="/cai/CASoftware/CCS/tpv/tsh", strErrno="EDC5111I Permission denied."


The Errno2 value that was returned indicates:

Description: SAF CKACC returned error. 

Action: The user did not have the correct permission on the object for the operation requested. Change the permissions on the object or have a user that is authorized execute the operation.



IBM added a new function to check a user's authority to access the file system objects on z/OS UNIX zFS file systems using the new SAF FSACCESS resource class. This support was added by IBM in OA35970/OA35974 for z/OS 1.12 and 1.13.

Note: This FSACCESS resource validation is only for UNIX zFS file systems -NOT HFS file systems.


Consult your security administrator to grant the necessary access to the FSACCESS resource class.