Create User "Task Failed" -> Execution of event: AssignAdminRoleEvent failed. (Legacy_Onyx KB Id: 221850)

Document ID : KB000026425
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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In the IdentityMinder user environment, when trying to create user, after click "Submit", "Task Failed" message shown. Also, in the identityminder command prompt output, the following errors are shown:

10:51:16,899 WARN [rules] MemberRule: java-side evaluation of Member Rule--this should not be happening
10:51:16,899 WARN [rules] RoleMember: java-side evaluation of Member Match Constraint--this should not be happening
10:51:17,899 ERROR [ims] Execution of event: AssignAdminRoleEvent failed. Exception encountered: No items found
10:51:17,915 ERROR [events] Error during event execution [aa0a000a-04d0-436fa1f8-023c-027a737d.2.0] AssignAdminRoleEvent
10:51:17,930 WARN [events] Evt IMTaskEvent:aa0a000a-04d0-436fa1f8-023c-027a737d is invalid.

When I look in the LDAP, the new user instance IS created. But the new user is unable to login to the identityminder environment as a user.

It should be noted that this is very fresh environment with default roles and tasks installation. I have not configured or made any changes to any access roles or groups. The only changes to the admin roles is the user manager role where I added members and administrators. There is no task persistence, auditing, or workflow configured and we do not plan on using them either.



Customer needed to have the user scope rule set to "Users where UserID equals admin's UserId" since each user would become the administrator of the Self Manager role.
Customer also had to uncheck the "Administrators can add and remove members of this role" checked, and likewise have nothing filled in for the 'Administrators' tab (no change actions were required).
After this, the automatic role assignment worked via the 'Create User' task.