“Create as Array” checkbox in Output Type does not always create an array variable.

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Last Modified Date : 14/04/2018
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Error Message :
U00021719 Syntax error object 'WS.OBJECT.TASK', line '00004'. 'U01001345 Variable 'myArray#' has not been defined as an array.'

If the 'Create as Array' checkbox is checked and the result of parsing a JSON Response only returns 1 value, the variable created is not created as an Array and the above error is displayed.

Checking the box should force the creation of an Array even with only 1 value.


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Cause type:
Root Cause: Check is done for an array with length of 1 and treats it as a String rather than a String [1] whether the array checkbox is set or not
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Fix Status: Released

Fix Version(s):
RA Web Service 4.0.0 - Available
RA Web Service 3.2.1 - Available
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