Create and/or modify a Table in the description field on a Quick Details Page (QDP) for a work item such as a User Story, Defect, or Task in Agile Central.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How do I create and/or modify a table in the description field of a work item such as a User Story, Defect, or Task?


Tables can be created for use in the description fields on the Quick Details Page (QDP) for many work items; User Stories, Defects, and Tasks.

**Please note, the adding/modifying/deleting of a table is not available on the Editable Details Page (EDP), those actions are only on the QDP. Once the table is created on the QDP, you will see it on the EDP and be able to add text, but you can only add/modify/delete the table on the QDP**

For information on the QDP or to turn this feature on, please use this link:



To create a table inside the description field of a work item simply click the table icon as indicated with the red arrow in the example below.



Upon selecting the table icon, the following pop up box will appear, enter your table parameters, shown below.



After the table has been created you can still modify the table as needed, on the QDP by right clicking on the table with respect to the modification or edit desired. Several edit options will be displayed which allow the user to paste text, manipulate individual cells, add or remove rows and columns, modify table parameters, as well as delete the table. The example below demonstrates how to insert an additional row.

Again, tables can only be modified from the (QDP) Quick Detail Page view!