CPU Usage is not in the Details tab USM

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Last Modified Date : 02/04/2018
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CPU usage or other Metrics data do not appear in the Details tab but appear in the Metrics tab of same node in USM.
USM/UMP 8.47
Multiple source/target exist for the same QoS.
 Run below query to determine table ids of stopped or unused QoS from a robot 

SELECT sd.source, sd.target, ss.table_id, datediff(minute,ss.sampletime, getdate()) as "sample gap(minutes)", 
case when datediff(minute,ss.sampletime, getdate()) <30 then 'Current' 
else 'Stopped or Abandoned' end as "QoS status", 
ss.sampletime, ss.samplevalue, sd.ci_metric_id, sd.qos, sd.probe, sd.r_table 
JOIN S_QOS_DATA sd on ss.table_id = sd.table_id 
WHERE sd.robot like '%<robot_name>%' and sd.probe like '<probe_name>' 
order by sd.qos, sd.source; 

Replace <robot_name> and <probe_name> with robot/probe name in the issue to get list of table_ids.

Open SLM to merge or delete these table_ids that are no longer used.
Additional Information:
This issue does not exist in UMP 8.51 or later.