Do not see CPU/Mem OS metrics being reported in Wily Apm 13.0.+ with Ca Sso

Document ID : KB000098019
Last Modified Date : 06/07/2018
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I do not see CPU/Memory Operating system Metrics being reporting anymore in Wily Apm 13.0.x with Ca Single Sign on (Siteminder)  Policy Servers and Ca Access Gateway (SPS)

Wily Apm
Ca Single Sign on   Policy Servers 
12.52 sp1,12.6,12.7,12.8 
Ca Single Sign on   Access Gateway (Sps)  
12.52 sp1,12.6,12.7,12.8 Ca
The Wily (APM) Siteminder Manager plugin script  for CPU and memory monitoring that use to be included in Wily (APM) Siteminder Manager 12.0.4. is no longer included in 
Wily Apm 13.0.x with Ca Single Sign on (Siteminder)