CPs and WPs bind to random ports and JWP fails with "no free port" error

Document ID : KB000118648
Last Modified Date : 29/10/2018
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While performing a fresh installation of Automic Workload Automation (AWA) 12.2, CPs and WPs show as "running" but it is impossible to login to the interface. A netstat command on the processes like:

netstat -tulnp|grep ucsrv

Shows that the processes are not binding to the ports defined in the .ini file.

The JWP also fails to start with the following error message in the logs even though there are enough ports in the .ini:

20181017/145305.880 - 25 U00045058 Failed to get a free port for this 'JWP'. Check the [PORTS] section of the configuration file. 
20181017/145305.880 - 25 U00045102 Error: All defined ports in the configuration file are already in use. 
The comment line is on the same line as the port definition, causing an error in the process. E.g.:
WP1=2271   ; wp1: Assignment of work processes and port numbers.

The semicolon must be the first character in a line, otherwise it is not considered a comment. 
Place the comment line below or above the port definition instead of on the same line, e.g: 

; wp1: Assignment of work processes and port numbers.