Could not export a PDF file for the functional report which includes many screenshots for the test result from the Report Dashboard.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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After finishing a test case with Staging or CVS, the user can export the PDF file for the report from the Report Dashboard. The user can export the PDF files for reports as follows (this case is functional):

  1. Log in to the DevTest Console
  2. Select "Reporting Dashboard"
  3. Select one of the test results from the Reporting Dashboard
  4. Push the "Export to PDF" icon
  5. In "Select a Report" dialog, select "Functional Report" and push the "OK" button
  6. A new tab with report information appears
  7. Push the "Export to PDF" icon to get the abstract level report in PDF format
  8. From the "Customize" menu at the top-right corner, select "Detailed Summary"
  9. Push the "Export to PDF" icon to get the detail level report in PDF format

But when the report has a large amount of data (For example, the report includes many screenshots), then sometimes the dialog titled "Select folder to download" does not appear in step 9, and the report cannot be exported to a PDF file. By checking the task manager in windows, the CPU usage for the browser which pushed the "Export to PDF" icon becomes 100% of one core even if the user can get the dialog to save.

DevTest 9.1 or lower

The root cause of this problem is the problem of the PDF generation feature in Adobe Flash which is used in the DevTest Console.


The user should access the same report from an operating system with high performance CPU(s) and a large amount of memory to avoid this problem.

Additional Information:

Here is the information about the problem of the PDF generation feature in Adobe Flash: