Could not able to establish a connection on Oracle Probe for the Particular server

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Last Modified Date : 04/10/2018
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We are using the oracle probe 5.30.
We had a working connection to the database setup in a profile.
Something change and the connection no longer works.

How can we fix this?
UIM 9.X and earlier
oracle probe 5.30 and earlier
name resolution had changed on the oracle database.
Below is a recap
1) this system was working previously.
2) we are seeing a timeout issue when trying to connect to the Oracle service name
3) when we test tnsping it comes back and says the name can not be resolved.
4) when we do a ping of the FQDN in the tnsnames.ora it comes back as a different IP address than is listed in the Oracle probe connection.
5) The system the probe is on has 2 network cards.
6) when we do a nslookup for the FQDN it comes back as one of the IP address.
7) when we do a ping it comes back as the other
8) when we checked the windows hosts file we found an entry for one of the IP address on the system that is not listed in the Oracle probe.

next steps.
1) work with your DBA to correct environment so that TNSPing and sqlplus work for the service name used in the tnsnames.ora file and the Oracle probe.

Once this is corrected I would expect this to work.