Cost Plan Details Grouping Attribute for Transaction Class is displaying the Transaction Class Name instead of the full Description

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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In Clarity v12, the Cost Plan Details Group by use of 'Transaction Class' displays the full description value of the Transaction Class. In Clarity v13, the Cost Plan Details Grouping Attribute use of 'Transaction Class' displays the value in the 'name' field. Existing customers used to the display in version 12 are now confused by seeing the Transaction Class name field ; this 'name' field is short and does not provide any meaningful information to the end-user. Some customers rely on seeing the full description of the Transaction Class as they did in version 12 because they have a dependent integration.

Steps to Reproduce:
  1. Administration > Financial Management: Setup > Transaction Classes
  2. Click 'New' button 
    Transaction Class (name/code) = TCNAME
    (full) Description = Transaction Class Description
    Short Description = TCDescription
    Transaction Type = Labor (or any other type)
  3. Home > Projects > Open a Project > Financial Plans : Cost Plans
  4. Create a new manual cost plan with Grouping Attribute using 'Transaction Classes'
  5. On the Cost Plan Details page, click 'Add' button > select the new Transaction Class 'TCNAME'

Expected Result: The Cost Plan Detail row should display 'Transaction Class Description' for the Grouping Attribute

Actual Result: The Cost Plan Detail row displays 'TCNAME'

In Version 12: Group By shows full description

Figure 1

Figure 2

In Version 13: Group Attribute shows name value

Figure 3


Caused by CLRT-27138  


Resolved in CA Clarity PPM 13.0.1 Generic Patch  

Resolved in CA Clarity PPM 13.1  

Additional Information:

Reference TEC572268 : Clarity 13.0.1 Generic Patch available to resolve reported issues