convert PS adapter job to PS plug-in

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Last Modified Date : 30/05/2018
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The conversion utility failed to convert -j xm PS adapter job to PS plug-in. It generated the following error ... SEVERE: -j xm - value is unsupported for CA WA PeopleSoft Plug-in. Job conversion failed.


./cybAgent -v

CA Workload Automation Agent for:
Linux x86_64 64-bit
11.3, Service Pack 7, Maintenance Level 0, Build 979

Enabled plug-in(s):
- runner
- router
- filemon
- objmon
- filebrowser
- ps

convertion tool
PeopleSoft Adapter Conversion Utility V1.0


auto_ps7 -j xm is an invalid PS adapter job. Hence conversion utility failed to convert it to the PS plug-in.

Valid -j parameters of auto_ps7 are below, from the auto_ps7 doc.
-j tasktype Specifies the type of task to run.

The tasktype options are:

sr SQR Report

su SQR Report for Upgrade Compare (PeopleSoft 7.x only)

sp SQR Process (PeopleSoft 7.x only) ae Application engine

cr Crystal Reports (Windows only)

rb nVision Report Book (Windows only)

da Database Agent (Windows only)

jb Support for PSJob

pr Clean up agent. Purges the records generated by the adapter in the PeopleSoft database.
js Jobset – -J PSJob name is jobset name not unique

cu Custom job type and job types not listed like XML.