Controller: sockServer: requested port 48000 is already in use

Document ID : KB000033996
Last Modified Date : 13/02/2019
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robot fails to start, port 48000 already in use

Sample excerpt from controller.log:

Jun 25 22:38:21:428 [0001] Controller: sockServer: requested port 48000 is already in use
Jun 25 22:38:21:428 [0001] Controller: The controller is unable to use Aborting. The address/port may already be in use.

Yet 48000 port is not in use by any other application on the server and even if you set a specific port to be used the error persists.


Link to Robot package

this package should be renamed to:

And then nimldr should be able to find it.

The Robot configuration must have these particular entries in the robot.cfg in this particular case where reverse DNS lookup was not possible/working.

strict_ip_binding = no
local_ip_validation = no

and upgrade to Robot v7.63 which contains an "improved port check" fix.

All of this is considering the fact that reverse lookup was not possible with the DNS setup for the given machine.
1. If running a robot prior to version 7.63, upgrade to version 7.63 or higher
2. if this doesn't help, set the following in the robot.cfg and recycle the robot.