Continuous heartbeat error messages seen in the processd_log file on a Spectrum OneClick only installation

Document ID : KB000057329
Last Modified Date : 11/12/2018
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On a system with Spectrum OneClick only installed, the following error message is continuously written to the $SPECROOT/lib/SDPM/processd_log file:


Jan 13 16:08:11 Failure to send heartbeat message

Jan 13 16:28:39 Failure to send heartbeat message

Jan 13 16:49:07 Failure to send heartbeat message

Jan 13 17:09:34 Failure to send heartbeat message


When processd starts, it tries to connect to the configured Location Server process . The Location Server is not installed on a OneClick only system so there is not configured Location Server process for processd.


On a OneClick only system, this message is benign and can be ignored. To prevent the error from appearing, you can configure a Location Server by doing the following:

1. As the user that owns the Spectrum installation, create a file called .LocalRegFile in the $SPECROOT directory on the OneClick system

2. Add the following to the new .LocalRegFile file where <HOST> is the hostname of the Main Location Server (MLS) system:









3. Restart processd on the OneClick system

Now when processd starts, it will attempt to connect to the Location Server running on the MLS system.