Connector Server Read failed: Timed out - Return code: 13

Document ID : KB000122425
Last Modified Date : 05/12/2018
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After a certain period of inactivity, the connection between the Provisioning Server (Virtual Appliance) and Remote Connector Server (CCS for AD endpoint types) stops to work.
The error message is: "Connector Server Read failed: Timed out (ldaps://<ccs_hot>:20411) - Return code: 13".
IM r14.1.0 GA vApp (Linux).
Remote JCS/CCS on Windows for AD endpoint.
The Firewall between PS and the Remote CCS closes the channel because of idle time (no data traffic); this behavior is confirmed by customer's network administrator that also said this configuration can not be disabled.
From the Provisioning Server Linux box, Run the following script to cause a remote connection to CCS every half hour:

while true 
etautil -d im -u etaadmin -p SECRET select 'eTNamespaceName=ActiveDirectory' eTADSDirectory eTADSDirectoryName=ENDPOINTNAME list eTADSdcStatus 
sleep 30m 
Additional Information:
eTADSdcStatus is data location agent and so that will cause a connector server search request against CCS.

Script can be created and started in background after switched to "imps" ID. 
Also can be killed by "config" ID.