Connection error in arcotafm.log every time AFM app is restarted

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Whenever the ArcotAFM application is started in Tomcat Application server, in arcotafm.log there is an error observed

2017-04-25 10:15:22,514 [localhost-startStop-1] INFO integrations.frontend.InitializeTokenSvrClientServlet(250) -> TokenServerTestConnAtStartup/ArcotSMTestConnAtStartup=true
2017-04-25 10:15:22,529 [localhost-startStop-1] INFO toksvr.client.SimpleTSClientImpl(91) -> SimpleTSClientImpl starting up...
2017-04-25 10:15:22,529 [localhost-startStop-1] DEBUG toksvr.client.SimpleTSClientImpl(179) -> URL: null
2017-04-25 10:15:22,529 [localhost-startStop-1] DEBUG integrations.frontend.InitializeTokenSvrClientServlet(263) -> TokenServerClientFactory getInstance() returned OK
2017-04-25 10:15:22,529 [localhost-startStop-1] DEBUG integrations.frontend.InitializeTokenSvrClientServlet(271) -> testing StateManager before completing init...
2017-04-25 10:15:22,529 [localhost-startStop-1] DEBUG integrations.frontend.InitializeTokenSvrClientServlet(282) -> calling TokenServerClient.createToken(art, null)
2017-04-25 10:15:22,529 [localhost-startStop-1] DEBUG toksvr.client.SimpleTSClientImpl(403) -> Sending creation request to
2017-04-25 10:15:22,607 [localhost-startStop-1] DEBUG toksvr.client.SimpleTSClientImpl(406) -> Token data sending for creation is : {"TsToken":{"Issuer":"arcotafm testing connection"}}
2017-04-25 10:15:22,623 [localhost-startStop-1] DEBUG toksvr.client.SimpleTSClientImpl(317) -> Wrote the data: {TokenData={"TsToken":{"Issuer":"arcotafm testing connection"}}}
2017-04-25 10:15:52,613 [localhost-startStop-1] ERROR toksvr.client.SimpleTSClientImpl(382) -> Unable to read server response! Read timed out
at Method)


When Tomcat service is started there is no way to deploy the applications in sequential order, ArcotAFM deployed on same application server tries to test the connection with ArcotSM at the startup and fails and we see the read time out error message. This is controlled through a setting in file which is ArcotSMTestConnAtStartup. OOTB this setting is true.



Resolution steps are described below --

1. Open file at ARCOT_HOME/conf/afm

2. Look for parameter ArcotSMTestConnAtStartup

3. Uncomment this and then set the value as false.

4. Restart the Tomcat application server.

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