Configuring the ntservices probe on multiple robots at same time

Document ID : KB000010942
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The ntservices probe monitors the list of NT services installed on the Windows system where the probe is deployed. The probe uses Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) to detect which services are running. The service state is compared with the defined desired state for each service on this system. If the actual state differs from the expected state, the probe can either do one or both of the following options:

  • Report the mismatch in an alarm message
  • Try to force the service into the desired state

As this probe can be deployed to many robots it is quite possible that a configuration change, e.g. Stop monitoring Remote Desktop Services, may need to be pushed to a group of robots at the same time.

The instructions below explain how to achieve this.

  1. Open Infrastructure Manager
  2. Browse to a robot that has the NTServices Probe deployed
  3. Drag the probe from this robot on the Archive
  4. When the Update Packages Dialog opens
    1. click the Rename button and give a new name so that a new package is created.
    2. Check the "Configuration Only" box
    3. click OK
  5. Find this new package in the archive, right click it and select edit.
  6. In the files tab right click on ntservices.cfx and select edit
  7. Define the new configuration you require
    • for the example above remove all text from the file except for the services header\footer and the section for the required service.

      <TermService> overwrite 
      active = no 
      display = Remote Desktop Services 
      credentials = 
      state = stopped 
      action = report 
      qos_state = yes 

    • Note the Overwrite flag next to the header for this service, This is required to ensure that the setting is changed on the probe
  8. Once the you have defined all the required configuration changes click ok on the edit window and on the Package dialog.

This package can now be deployed to the robots to configure the probe.

Additional Information:

The ntservices probe is documented here