Configuring the Java Agent on TIBCO Service Grid

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This topic is applicable to TIBCO Service Grid 3.x.

Service Grid runs its JVMs (or other process containers) in nodes. An agent can be enabled for any given node.

To configure the agent for a node, you edit the following file:



  • <TIBCO_HOME> is the location of your TIBCO user install.

  • <enterprise-name> is the name of the installed TIBCO. The typical name is amxadmin.

  • <instance-name> is the name of the TIBCO instance (for example, instanceOne).

  • <node-name> is the name of the node that you want to agent enable (for example, DevNode).

For example:

 	C:\Documents and Settings\jd\Application Data\tibco\data\tibcohost\Admin-amxadmin-instanceOne\nodes\DevNode\bin\tibamx_DevNode.tra 



In this file, add the following line:<lisa-home>/agent/JavaBinder.dll=jar=file:<lisa-home>/agent/LisaAgent.jar,name=<name> 


  • <lisa-home> is the absolute path of the LISA installation directory.

  • <name> is a descriptive name to give the LISA Java Agent. This can be the name of your service if editing the individual service file, or just something like bwengine if editing the main bwengine.tra file.

Alternately, you can do this from the TIBCO Administrator web interface (default is http://localhost:8120/amxadministrator root/t). Go to the Infrastructure -> Hosts -> Nodes -> Configuration -> JVM Arguments panel, as shown in the following graphic: