Configuring secure communications (SSL) between APM and TIM using a custom web server port on the TIM (APM 9.6 and later).

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Configuring secure communications (SSL) between APM and TIM using a custom web server port on the TIM (APM 9.6 and later). 



1. During the APM TIM installation for releases 9.6/9.7, there is option to create a private web server rather than using the default web server. This option enables use of a custom https port. The port can also be changed later if required per KB TEC615847. ("APM 9.6 Transaction Impact Monitor (TIM) ports and how to change them post-install.")


2. To configure https between the EMs and the TIM, edit the file EM_HOME/config/ and add this line:


This should be done on the MOM and the EM running the Tim Collection Service (TCS). It is also good practice to do the same on all EMs in case the TCS is moved to another EM at a later point.


3. There is a new configuration field for APM 9.6 and later in the CEM UI. Go to Setup>Monitors. (Where new monitors are added.) There is now an additional "Http Port" field where the https port for the TIM private web server can be entered.


4. When doing the above, bear in mind the recent Poodle vulnerability which is documented in KB TEC1344045 ("TIM and SSLv3 Poodle Vulnerability"):