Configuring LRS's VPS 2.0 to work with TCPaccess

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This techdoc supplies information regarding the necessary maintenance and configuration requirements for running VPS 2.0 over TCPaccess 6.0.


The VPS 2.0 product has been updated to use the newer EZASMI (HPNS) socket interface . Support for the old TCPaccess SAS/C TLI interface has been dropped, so the product must now be configured differently . This means that this release is no longer compatible with TCPaccess 5.3 and below, and now requires TCPaccess 6.0 with the latest service pack plus additional maintenance.

TCPaccess requirements

Maintenance level for TCPaccess 6.0: SP5 plus
Since these PTFs are way past the SP5 level, we strongly recommend applying complete maintenance up to this point to avoid unexpected results.

DNR configuration

HPNS requires specific DNR configuration in the DNRALC in order to facilitate initial connectivity.

The TCPaccess SSID should be mapped to the fully qualified hostname, the fully qualified hostname to the IP address of the stack, and the SMFID for the system should be mapped to the stack IP.


ACSS               STACK1.CA.COM.        

Please note the dot on the end of the fully qualified hostname. While not standard for the DNRALC, it is used to in this instance to prevent unwanted DNR calls.

You can implement any necessary changes by changing your DNRALC, then cycling DNR.

To cycle, issue

/F snstcp,STOP DNR 

Wait for DNR to stop. Issue

/F snstcp,START DNR CNFG(xx) 

where xx is the suffix of the DNRCFGxx (not the DNRALCxx)

OE/USS connectivity

If you do not have other USS applications running at this time, you may want to review Technical document TEC497535. This outlines the steps needed to configure TCPaccess connectivity with OE / USS . It also contains a sample TCPIP.DATA.

VPS 2.0 requirements

NOTE: Please follow all VPS installation instructions. The information included here is only specific information needed for TCPaccess compatibility.

Maintenance required for VPS 2.0
VPS V2 R1.0.0213 : Modify VPS to support CA's TCPACCESS product. Add new TCP/IP, SNMP and USERDATAXX options.
VMCF V2 R1.0.0055 : Display new keyword value of TCPACCESS for the VPS TCPTYPE or the server SVTCPTYP keywords.
VWA (VMCF Web Access) V2 R1.0.0026 : Display new keyword value of TCPACCESS for TCPTYPE.
LRS (LRS Common Code) V2 R1.0.0089 : Modify TCP/IP request modules to support CA's TCPACCESS product.
LNT (LRS/Net) V2 R1.0.0018 : Modify TCP/IP request modules to support CA's TCPACCESS product.
VSV (LRS/MVS Server) V2 R1.0.0107 : Modify MVS Server to support CA's TCPACCESS product.
DRS V2 R1.0.0037 : Modify DRS to support CA's TCPACCESS product.
DMCF V2 R1.0.0004 : Display new keyword value of TCPACCESS for the DRS TCPTYPE keyword.
DWA (DMCF Web Access) V2 R1.0.0002 : Display new keyword value of TCPACCESS for TCPTYPE.

Configuration recommendations
*TCPDMN=, must be commented out

TCPINET=V4, This is fine

TCPIPID=$TCPDEF$, This will prevent VPS from passing the stack name, so the value from the TCPIPJOBNAME in the SYSTCPD will be used. That also causes some possibly IBM specific code to be bypassed which may cause problems.

*, Recommend commenting this out. This is only needed if you want to ensure that the same stack interface is used for the source IP address.

TCPPORT=721-731, This is generally fine. Any modifications should be discussed with VPS support.


NOTE: Please be aware that these recommendations are for VPS 2.0 and TCPaccess 6.0 as of October 2010. Please consult with VPS or TCPaccess support if problems persist after following the above instructions.