Configuring Live Exceptions to raise alarms when a device reboots

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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There is a reporting variable called 'Reboot %' that can trigger alarms. That works well for reporting against historical data to see reboot history.

With rules set to 5 minute poll cycles, how could a rule be configured to generate a more time sensitive alarm closer to the reboot occurrence?

How can we configure something similar to alarm more immediately when reboot instances are detected on devices monitored by eHealth?



1 - Log in to the eHealth Reporting Web UI and select the Live Health tab.

2 - Launch the Live Exceptions application and log in

3 - Go to the Setup drop down menu and select the 'Profiles' option.

4 - Default out of the box Profiles cannot be edited. Create a new Profile (using the 'New Profile...' button) or select an existing custom Profile this new Rule will reside in.

5 - After selecting the Profile to use or creating a nee one and selecting it, the 'New Rule' button becomes available. Select it.

6 - Complete the following rule setup to ensure that a Reboot variable alarm is seen whenever a device is rebooted.

      6a. Select the correct Technology type for the element/group in question
      6b. Select the Severity level desired for this alarm
      6c. Enter the desired Rule Message (user configurable )
      6d. Ensure that the Rule Type is set to Variable
      6e. For the Time: field, enter 'For 0(zero) minutes out of 1 Minutes'
      6f. For Variable choose the Reboot variable
      6g. For Condition Type choose 'Time Over Threshold'.
      6h. For threshold settings, select the 'Above Threshold' option and enter 'of 1 percent'
      6i. Save the rule

7 - Ensure that that group has been applied to the profile that the above rule was created within.