Configuring Collector and MOM APM database (APMDB) connection pool settings

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Properly configuring Collector and MOM APM Enterprise Manager database connection pool settings can improved database and APM CE (CEM) service performance.


The number of database connections required by a CA APM collector or Enterprise Manager MOM for handling CEM data is determined by the role the Enterprise Manager plays in the cluster. Different collector roles can support different Enterprise Manager services.

By default, all Enterprise Manager services are assigned to the first collector that connects to the APM database.

After all the collectors and the MOM in a cluster are installed and the MOM is running, the APM CE administrator can reassign Enterprise Manager services in the APM CE console:

  • Setup> Services > Service Configuration

For more information, see the APM Configuration and Administration Guide.

Since a collector's role is not known at install time, all collectors are configured, by default, with database connection pool settings sufficient for the needs of the APM CEM console and a standalone Enterprise Manager. In general, the out-of-the box default property values, which are specified in the [EM_Home]/config/ file, are sufficient for most deployments. However, if the values are not sufficient for your APM CE database connection load, you can configure the values using the or files.

For more information about using the file, see the APM Configuration and Administration Guide.