Configuring a new cutover size for stdlog files without the value being reset pdm_configure.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The default value for the maximum size of stdlog files is 3MB. By running the following command in a MS-DOS session, this can be changed immediately to the new value:

pdm_logfile -b nnnnnnnn

(e.g. pdm_logfile -b 10000000 is the command to increase this from 3MB to 10MB)

This easy command works well, but every time the Service Desk Service is restarted, the maximum size of the stdlog files is set again to the default value of 3MB. To do the same operation, it is also possible to edit file NX.env (that is located under the product root directory) and change the default value of the following variable:


to the new desired value


then save the changes and restart the USRD Service.

But in this case if a pdm_configure is executed, this environment variable will still be reset to the default value of 3MB.


Service Desk 12.x, 14.1


Ca Service Desk Manager uses environment variables to determine certain behaviors, thereby allowing you to control how your system behaves. Normally, you use the Options Manager to control system behavior, but on occasion, there are some of these variables not referenced by Option Manager online menu and the NX_LOGFILE_LIMIT is one of them.
Instead, you can use the following procedure to modify it in the correct way without losing the new value in a pdm_configure:

  1. Backup and then edit the environment template file on the primary server.


  2. Change the value of the variable @NX_LOGFILE_LIMIT to the new desired size and save it.

  3. Run the configuration utility on your primary server installation to apply the changes you made to the environment variable template file, to the actual environment file NX.env.

  4. Restart the Service Desk Service.