Configuration to make Windows Service recycle when the logon account of the service is changed

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Last Modified Date : 21/06/2018
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When I installed the Windows Proxy connector on the corresponding server, I heard that password change of the account with the Windows service will also be implemented. What kind of setting do I need to do?
CA Privileged Access Manager r.3.x
In this for example, the "cspmclientd" service is focused. This service's process on the Task Manager is "cspmclientd" process as follows.
This document provides the configuration sample.  The "cspmclientd" service's logon account is "adobeupdater" who is the domain account.
Windows service and the process itself

Here is the "adobeupdater" account's settings.
Target account - account tab

Target account - password tab

Target account - Compound Servers tab

Target account - Active Directory tab

As the cspmclientd service is running by this account, the Services tab of the target account will show up the service as follows. If there is no entry here, click the "DISCOVER SERVICES" button at the right bottom in this screen.
(When the password is changed and save the target account but the Windows service is not recycled, it should try to delete the indicated service here by the X button at the right of the service and click the "DISCOVER SERVICES" button, and save the target account with the changed password)
Target account - Services tab

When the "DISCOVER SERVICES" button works, like the below message will show up.
Succeed to discover the Windows service

The below is the target account who is selected at the "Active Directory" tab of the "adobeupdater" target account in the above.
Target account - account to perform the Change Process

Below some screenshots are the "Administrator" target account that is selected by the above.
Target account - administrator account
Target account - Administrator password tab

Target account - Administrator Compound Servers tab

Target account - Administrator Active Directory tab
Additional Information:
- On the target server, it grants the user access to the Domain "Adminstrator" as follows. 
User account settings on the target server

- Attached mp4 provide the movie of the Windows Service will automatically be recycled when the password is changed with the Active Directory target application's account.
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