Computer partially deleted when deleting the agent from the GUI

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When I delete a computer in DSM Explorer, it disappears from All Computers folder but it is partially deleted in the MDB database.
om The row is still present in the ca_discovered_hardware table.
This causes a problem if we reinstall the machine.
The computer 'Created date' is not correct (it has the old created date) and a RAC job is created for the machine.
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This problem occurs when the computer has some linked 'User Profiles' inventoried.

The User Profile information is collected when the 'Registration: Supported unit types' is set to 'Computer + User Profile' under Computer Policy DSM/Agent/Common Agent/Software Delivery:

Figure 1

The User Profiles inventoried appear under 'Computers and Users/All User Profiles'.
Ex: Computer GUIJE03XP-VM has User Profile GUIJE03XP-VM/Administrator inventoried.

Figure 2



Therefore, if we delete the computer GUIJE03XP-VM under 'All Computers', it will not be deleted in table ca_discovered_hardware because the row is linked with a row for the User Profile.

The solution is to delete all the User Profiles of the computer under 'All User Profiles' before deleting it under 'All Computers'.


Example : Delete all GUIJE03XP-VM/* under All User Profiles folder. Then delete computer GUIJE03XP-VM under All Computers folder.