Compile job ends abnormally with CALL PGM(*LIBL/*NONE) and error code CPD0078

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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A compile error, using CA 2E version 8.7 or 8.6, of CPD0078 occurs on a call:   CALL PGM(*LIBL/*NONE).  The function appears to compile ok, but ends abnormally.  

For reference CPD0078 message details:

Message . . . . :   Value '*NONE     ' for parameter PGM not a valid name.               

Cause . . . . . :   Value '*NONE     ' contains characters that are not valid in a name or is a single value that was specified as part of a qualifier. A name must begin with an alphabetic character followed by alphanumeric characters, or if the value is a string of characters, it must be enclosed in quotation marks. 

Recovery  . . . :   Correct the name or specify the single value alone, then try the command again. More information on names can be found in the CL Reference manual. 



This compile error is caused by *DTAARA YBRTPXA. The format of this changed as of 2E version 8.5.  If you do not use a post-compile exit program, then delete *DTAARA YBRTPXA.  After that you should not get the error 'CPD0078' in your resulting compile joblogs. 

If you DO want to use a post-compile exit program.  Copy YBRTPXAX from v8.7 (or v8.6) to a new version of YBRTPXA, or run YCRTY1DTA as this will also create a new version of YBRTPXA in your 2E Toolkit Data Objects library.