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IBM Product Annopuncment

New mainframe announced - z14 - IBM Z - z/VSE support

Ingolf24 | July 17 2017 | Visits (4977) 
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Today (July 17, 2017) IBM announced a new mainframe - IBM z14. For details about this important announcement see the announcement letter - here.

z14 is planned to be available on September 13, 2017.

With this announcement "z Systems" is also changed to "IBM Z" (capital letter Z).


In this blog entry I briefly describe the z/VSE support for z14. I know it's a bit early, but if you plan to upgrade, you can already prepare your z/VSE system. You can also see, how z/VSE exploits this new mainframe.


z14 is z/Architecture only.  
Up to z13, IPL was done in ESA/390 mode. The operating system decided  to switch in z/Architecture mode or stay with ESA/390. Since z/VSE V4 z/VSE switches into z/Architecture mode early during the IPL process.
With z14,  IPL is performed in z/Architecture mode only. No switch to ESA/390 mode is possible.

Have the CA product line been certified on this processor? No compatibility matrix currently exists on the web pages.
VSE 5.2
VSE 6.1
VSE 6.2
All the CA VSE products were certified on a IBM z14 processor and there were no required APARs since there were no hardware or micro-code changes that affected CA products. 
Nothing distinct was produced in the testing and IBM had no specific product related concerns for CA.
Additional Information:
Please review the CA website for any product related information and current APARs that are available for your specific product