Common Services for z/OS r14.1 customers upgrading to either a ZEC12, ZBC12, z13, or Z13s processor may receive a "CATHW03W Machine type xxxx unknown" message issued from the CA Master Address Space during an IPL.

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Last Modified Date : 12/07/2018
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When customers upgrade to either a z12, z13, or z13s machine, the CA Master component of CA Common Services for z/OS r14.1 may issue message "CATHW03W  unknown machine type" at IPL. 

Included within the the CA Master Address Space is a processor table.  Although at the present time, this processor table is not used by any CA products, the table is a feature setting that other CA products or solutions can potentially check and optimize their code path depending upon the processor capabilities.  Also, this processor table plays no part in the normal functionality of CA Master and despite any of these errors being issued, the CA Master Address Space will successfully initialize and continue to operate routinely.  

If issued, and depending upon the machine type, customers will receive one of the following messages:

  • zEC12 - CATHW03W machine type 2827 unknown.
  • zBC12 - CATHW03W machine type 2828 unknown.
  • z13     - CATHW03W machine type 2964 unknown.
  • z13s   - CATHW303W machine type 2965 unknown. 



CA Common Services for z/OS r14.1 executing on a z12, zBC12, z13, or z13s processor.


The specific machine type is not included in the CA Master Address Space processor table.


The error messages for each of the processor types referenced above are corrected by the following maintenance:

  • RO52997 corrects the "CATHW03W machine type 2827 unknown" message for zEC12 machines.  
  • RO64367 corrects the "CATHW03W machine type 2828 unknown" message for zBC12 machines.  
  • RO75660 corrects the "CATHW03W machine type 2964 unknown" message for z13 machines.
  • RO88417 corrects the "CATHW03W machine type 2965 unknown" message for z13s machines.

Please refer to Informational Apar RI46930 CA Common Services for z/OS Common Upgrade Information for any compatibility specifics.  

When reviewing RI46930, notice that RO82009 is also required for full compatibility with a z13 or z13s processor.  Although not related to the processor table or the CATHW03W message, this fix will prevent a possible S0C2 abend in CAMSADRV and add support for new functionality and performance improvements provided to a z13 processor after applying IBM APAR OA46291.       

Additionally, please be aware that an IPL is required to implement each fix once it is applied.  The CA Master Address Space is initialized during an IPL and remains active for the life of the IPL cycle.  

Additional Information:

A detailed description of the CA Master component of CA Common Services for z/OS can be found in Chapter 13 "Address Space" of the CA Common Services for z/OS r14.1 Reference Guide or the CA Common Services for z/OS r14.1 Documentation wiki.               

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