Common Services for z/OS CAS9 started as release 11 instead of 14.1

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Last Modified Date : 29/10/2018
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Hi, we upgraded CAS9, and not sure why it was started as previous version: CAS9 CAS9075I - SERVICE(CA-RIM/BASE ) VERS(V1.0) GENLVL(B008S9100) Instead of CAS9075I - SERVICE(CA-RIM/BASE ) VERS(1400) GENLVL(E100AS900) We review all the CAW0PPTN library and the CAS9 proc and is correctly defined. We need to know ASAP if we should do another IPL to update it or if there is any way to refresh it dynamically? Thanks ENF and other services were correctly started: ENF CAS9075I - Service(CA-ENF/BASE ) Vers(1400) Genlvl(E100AW100)
Common Services r14.1 for z/OS executing in a z/OS environment
Suspect an older library may be linklisted in front of CAW0LINK  
It appears that you may have an older r11 library defined in linklist ahead of the r14.1 libraries. 
My suggestion is to use ISRFIND to check for programs CAIRIM and CAS9GLVL Ensure that you enter the name in the Member Name slot followed by a Y in the LOADMOD slot to include the search for LPA, LPALIST, and LINKLIST. 
1. CAS9GLVL - this module is a member of the r14.1 CAW0LINK which needs to be linliisted.  The r11 copy was found in the r11 CAILIB which may possibly be linklisted. The installation documentation recommends that CAILIB be linklisted depending upon the requirements of any CA other solutions that utilize CAS9. This is the module that is read to fill in the VERS and GENLVL values displayed in the CAS9075I messages that you cite above. I have attached a knowledge article, KB000048492 which provides two methods to check for the Common Services release that is currently executing. 
2. CAIRIM - this module is found in r14.1 CAW0LOAD which does not have to be linklisted but by default is found in the steplib of the CAS9 and ENF procs. In r11 it was also found in CAILIB which again, may be linklisted as per the r11 documentation recommendations.

There was an older library in front of  CAW0LINK.  It was needed for an older release of a CA solution that was also undergoing an upgrade   Problem resolved by changing the linklist concatenation.
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