Common reasons and solutions for getting "No Primer transport" while deploying the Agent or the Scalability Server

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This document details what troubleshooting steps to take if you

receive the error "No Primer transport" when deploying agents.

It further discusses the ports necessary and shares and services that

need be be active on the target machine.  


When deploying agents via the Infrastructure Deployment Wizard,

why is the resulting status of the job the following error  


    "No Primer transport" ?

CA Client Automation - All VersionsAll supported Windows Operating Systems

Deploying agents starts with transferring the primer package to the target.

Once this is done, it will be installed and be in control of the deployment of the  actual Client Automation agent plugins.

If the transfer of the primer fails with a "no primer transport" error, following is list of possibilities:

  • Ping and NSLookup to the target (hostname and IP address) not working.
  • Remote registry service disabled on target machine.
  • Windows installer service disabled on the target machine.
  • Agent was uninstalled from this machine and there are still some files left from previous install
  • Deployment Server might have two NICS enabled and agent deployment process is using the wrong NIC
  • Firewall problem/Ports not open bi-directionally

    4104 UDP,  4105  TCP           - CAM
    4728   TCP                           -  Port Multiplexer
    7163   TCP                           -  CA Connection Broker Service
    7   TCP                                - Echo
    135 TCP,  445 TCP  &  UDP    - File Share ports
  • C$ and admin$ shares disabled or not allowed to be written to by the target user credentials supplied in the deployment wizard.
  • Some Antivirus policy that prevents anything to be written to the Admin$ share
  • Verify that the installation drive exist. Some environments require to install on drive D: to keep C: for the system but if the drive does not exist, the install modules are copied to the admin$ share but then can not installed on the specified drive D: if it does not exist. As CAM and DMPrimer can not be installed, there is no way to send feedback back to the Domain Manager. The affected options are set on the "Agent Configuration" of the Deployment Wizard and are "Advanced Options" for the DMPrimer installation and "additional Windows install options" for the package installation.
  • If all the above is not the cause, make a NEW policy and apply it to the Domain Manager:

    Go To Control Panel->Configuration->Configuration Policy->Default Computer Policy->DSM->Manager->Infrastructure Deployment

    Set: AlwaysDeploy=1 AND AlwaysDeployPrimer=1"



Additional Information:

For more details on meeting the prerequisites for deploying agents with the

CA Client Automation Deployment Wizard please refer to the CA Client Automation


Implementation guide at this link and look under "Implementing" then review the section "Infrastructure Deployment"