commcfg File and QMGR Name Resolution "*" in the Name

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Last Modified Date : 16/11/2018
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How are wildcards (asterisks) interpreted by the MQ 'QMGR' parameter within the COMMCFG file?

For example if have an entry: 

Q1: What does the QMGR name "*MQTEST" resolve to?
Q2: Where to find documentation on how QMGRs with a "*" (asterisk wildcard) in their name are resolved? 
Gen does not treat the asterisk for the QMGR parameter as a wildcard or anything like that, it is just another character. And Gen only documents a wildcard entry for the Gen trancode, nothing for MQ and more specifically the QMGR parameter is documented.
Recommend checking the MQ documentation (IBM) regarding using wildcards for the QMGR  parameter.