Commandline discovery for NetVoyant

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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discoverycontrol.exe can but used to run Topology related functions.

So for example you could run a full or partial discovery via command line or script. Note be wise and before using any of the -delete or the -remove options make sure you have a good backup.

NetVoyant 7.1

The file is located in the NetVoyant\bin folder and so it is in the path. 
usage: DiscoveryControl [-d|--debug] [-h|--host hostname] [-p|--port port]
[-cleanDisabled [-days x] [-polltable polltable-name]]
[-deleteDevice devicename01 [devicename02 ... devicenameNN]]
[-addDevice devicename01 [devicename02 ... devicenameNN]]
[-deleteScope devicename01|IP/mask01 [devicename02|IP/mask02 ... devicenameNN|IP/maskNN]]
[-addScope devicename01|IP/mask01 [devicename02|IP/mask02 ... devicenameNN|IP/maskNN]]
[-deleteCommunityString communityString01 [communityString02 ... communityStringNN]]
[-addCommunityString communityString01 [communityString02 ... communityStringNN]]
[-startService service01 [service02 ... serviceNN]]
[-stopService service01 [service02 ... serviceNN]]
[-deleteMIB module01 [module02 ... moduleNN]]
[-resync poller1 [poller2...]
[-enableDataset dataset-name]
[-disableDataset dataset-name]
[-enablePollgroup dataset-name pollgroup-name]
[-disablePollgroup dataset-name pollgroup-name]
[-enableProfile alarm-profile-name]
[-disableProfile alarm-profile-name]
[-createGroup parent-group-id new-group-name new-group-descr]
[-deleteGroup group-id]
[-addGroupInstances group-id pollinsts,pollinst_id...]
[-removeGroupInstances group-id pollinsts,pollinst_id...]
[-setInstanceLables pollinst_id inst-name inst-desc]
[-setPollRate pollinst_id pollgroup-name]

Additional Information:

Note 1: default value of -days (for -CleanDisabled) is 14
Note 2: -stopService and -startService service name is case sensitive