Command Control Manager (CCM) DFSAOE00 User Exits

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Command Control Manager (CCM) offer the possibility to use DFSAOE00 or DFSAOUE0 User Exits for to replace user-written AOI exists.

What happen when you've DFSAOE00 or DFSAOUE0 anywhere else in the STEPLIB concatenation for other programs or tools?


The CA IMS Tools Installation Guide described this situation in section "Resolve Multiple DFSAOE00 User Exits"

The Command Control Manager (CCM) Message Log component uses the DFSAOE00 user exit for message suppression and for the CCM Logger log stream. This module can collide with a user-defined DFSAOE00 or another vendor product user exit for AOE exits.

Note: In the hlq.CIMTLOAD load library, DFSAOE00 is an alias of CCMAOE00.

If your site does not use CCM Logger and message suppression, delete the DFSAOE00 alias from the hlq.CIMTLOAD library.

To use CCM message suppression or CCM Logger on a system together with a user-defined DFSAOE00 or another product AOE user exit, perform any of the following actions as appropriate for your environment:

  • Rename the other product or user-defined DFSAOE00 module to DFSAOE01. The CCM DFSAOE00 exit calls the DFSAOE01 if present.

  • (IMS 13.1) The IMS 13.1 environment supports using the EXITDEF facility to define exit names to receive control for a given exit point. If your site can use this IMS 13.1 facility, perform the following steps:

    1. Delete or rename the DFSAOE00 alias in the hlq.CIMTLOAD.

    2. Add the following definition of the CCMAOE00 exit to the DFSDFxxx member in the IMS PROCLIB: EXITDEF(TYPE=AOIE,EXITS=(CCMAOE00, another-exit-name))

Note: For more information about the DFSDFxxx member, see the IBM IMS System Definition Guide.