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Last Modified Date : 26/06/2018
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Can group names in CA Service Catalog use the comma , character?
The comma character in a group name can cause problems for CA Service Catalog. This is because comma is a "special character" in LDAP, where it is used a delimiter.

To reproduce:
1: In EEM, create two Global Groups, one with a comma in the title and one without, or just use OpenSpaceAdminGroup that exists by default as the non-comma one.
2: Make spadmin a member of both groups.
3: In Catalog create a policy that assigns approval to the non-comma group.
4: Raise a request for an offering with that policy for approval.
5: Edit the policy, so that it assigns to the comma group instead.
6: Raise a second request for the offering.
7: Log in as spadmin and go to the Pending Approval request list. You will see only the first of the two requests, not the second one.

There is no permanent solution at this time.  The issue is currently being researched.  Additional information will be provided as it becomes available. To avoid this problem, you'll need to change your group name to not include a comma character.