Cloning existing CA Ideal environment to a newly created environment.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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What are the steps to take when cloning a CA Ideal/CA Datacom development environment.


z/OS z/VSE


To clone an existing CA Ideal environment to a newly created environment for the first time, you must migrate Datadictionary (DBID=002) which contains all of the data that is required for CA Ideal and the VLS libraries used by CA Ideal. Only VLSUTIL must be used to BACKUP and RESTORE the VLS libraries.

The CA Ideal specific VLS libraries must be include:

FILE                                    BLKSIZE         NAMELENGTH              
-------------------------------------  -------------   ----------------- 
IDDAT                                    1960                24      
IDDVW                                    4000                40      
User source libraries                    1960                24      
User panel libraries                     4000                24      
User object libraries                    4000                24    

You will also need to bring over the load library that contains your CA Ideal user application load modules. Once you have brought over the CA Ideal user application load modules, you will need to run the IDENTIFY command on each of the modules. The IDENTIFY command will update the module entity occurrence and ALIAS occurrence of the specified program or panel in the dictionary. The IDENTIFY command is used after the module format of the program or panel is moved to the receiving environment through an IBM utility. It makes the module known to CA Ideal at the receiving site.

Additional Information:

See Technical Document TEC264517 titled Alternative Method of Creating a Duplicate CA Datacom Environment.