Clients are unable to delete/purge files from CA Spool that are in active status but they are not currently printing. Other files queued to the same printer might be impacted as well.

Document ID : KB000021884
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Trying to delete/purge an entry in CA Spool which is showing as active but is not actually printing on the printer and is impacting other reports to the same printer. 

The following message appears when the purge command is issued against this file:


The status of the file is shown as OT or OTH.


This file might be left in an open for write status from another application or possibly our virtual printer interface. 
Possible things that put a file in this status: 
- someone issued a T on the file which puts it in a temporarily closed status. 
- someone issued a H on the file which puts it in a held status. 
- a network error occurred and the timeout put the file in this status. 


1. Use CFnnn command to permanently close the temporarily closed file where nnn is the file number.

2. Retry the P (purge) command against the file.

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You can find additional information at our website: CA Technologies Documentation