Client Automation log named dsmEventLog.log continues to grow What is it and how can you control the growth of it?

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Last Modified Date : 28/06/2018
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The Client Automation Asset Management agent monitors system events from the system log on UNIX and causes a log in the

/opt/CA/DSM/logs directory to grow to a very large size and not truncate. The file that grows in named /opt/CA/DSM/logs directory



All Supported versions of CA Client Automation

Seen mostly on AIX systems but has potential to affect all supported UNIX based platforms.



The Asset Management Agent from CA Client Automation Asset Management Agent installation modifies the /etc/syslog.conf file

to capture syslog information. It then pipes the information to the file /opt/CA/DSM/logs//opt/CA/DSM/logs directory but thereis no 

controlling the growth. 



The product is hardcoded to do this and can  not be changed at this time so the only workaround would be to remove the

collection module by following these steps:

1. login into the machine having this issue as the root user. 

2. caf stop

3. cd /opt/CA/DSM/scripts directory

4. run the following command 

./dsmsyslog uninstall  

5. restart caf and the file growth will stop as it disables the interaction between the system log and the agent. 



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