Client Automation - Failure in sending RegInfoUpdate message

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Last Modified Date : 23/10/2018
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In TRC_USD_APISERVER_*.log files following WARNING message appears :
140918-14:38:30.5064577L|APISERVER_|CAI019736-00016 |Apdaas.cxx|001622|WARNING| Failure in sending RegInfoUpdate message 

Some lines above this Warning lines like these appear :
140918-14:38:36.0139429L|017960|00007f90|APISERVER_|cfOSServices    |cfOSServices        |000000|DETAIL | CCFOSGeneral::GetAddressFromNameEx: pszName: COMPNAME
140918-14:38:38.2800701L|017960|00007f90|APISERVER_|cfOSServices    |cfOSServices        |000000|INFO   | CCFOSGeneral::GetAddressFromNameEx: GetAddrInfoW: 11001 for COMPNAME
140918-14:38:39.1237399L|017960|00007f90|APISERVER_|cfOSServices    |cfOSServices        |000000|INFO   | CCFOSGeneral::GetAddressFromNameEx: GetAddrInfoW (IPv6): 11001 for COMPNAME
140918-14:38:39.1239099L|017960|00007f90|APISERVER_|cfOSServices    |cfOSServices        |000000|INFO   | CCFOSGeneral::GetAddressFromNameEx: trying getaddrinfo(COMPNAME)
140918-14:38:41.4207625L|017960|00007f90|APISERVER_|cfOSServices    |cfOSServices        |000000|INFO   | CCFOSGeneral::GetAddressFromNameEx: getaddrinfo: 11001
140918-14:38:41.4207951L|017960|00007f90|APISERVER_|cfOSServices    |cfOSServices        |000000|DETAIL | CCFOSGeneral::GetAddressFromNameEx: COMPNAME resolved to: <error>
CA ITCM DOMAIN Manager 14.0
When a SD Package Procedure is updated, DOMAIN server is sending an update message to all Scalability Servers which have the SD Package in the Staging Library in order to update the files under reginfo.
To do this a name resolution of scalability server is done. But name resolution is done using shortname.

This problem occurs if Windows or Network environment does not allow the resolution of shortname.

sd_apisrv.exe tries to resolve a machine name using the shortname but it does not work.
Only FQDN resolution is allowed.

Open a CA Support case requesting following fix for CA ITCM 14.0 :


With this fix, sd_apisrv.exe uses FQDN for name resolution.