CLI Report Generation Command Results in "unable to retrieve configuration" Error

Document ID : KB000111946
Last Modified Date : 22/08/2018
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When attempting to run an iDash report through the CLI using one of the idgen* commands, it results in an "unable to retrieve configuration" error...

[autosys@host1]$ ./idgencsv -n CA7_ALL -f /tmp/CA11_ALL.csv -t
unable to retrieve
This error occurs when attempting to run a report through the CLI without specifying the -u argument and the report is not owned by the user that is running the CLI command.
When the report is not owned by the user running the CLI command, you must specify the -u <user> argument where <user> is the owner of the report...
[autosys@host1]$ ./idgencsv -n CA7_ALL -f /tmp/CA11_ALL.csv -t -u idashAdm