Clearing Space during Archives.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When a user tries to archive a file to the DASD storage area, but there is not enough room to hold the file, VM:Archiver tries to make room by erasing STAGE files that have already been copied to tape.


How the Process Works

VM:Archiver erases a file then checks to see if there is room in DASD storage to hold the requested file.  If there is room, VM:Archiver archives the file. If there is not enough room, VM:Archiver erases another file and checks again to see if this leaves sufficient room to archive the requested file. VM:Archiver repeats this process, erasing and checking, until there is sufficient room to archive the file. If, after erasing all eligible files there is still insufficient space to archive the file, VM:Archiver schedules a migration from STAGE storage to tape.

If the user specifically requested STAGE, ONLINE, or DASD storage, VM:Archiver sends the user a message stating the file could not be archived.

If the user did not specifically request a storage type, VM:Archiver schedules the file to be archived directly to tape.