Cleanup and maintenance of the CA WA Restart EE (Encore) Execution History data set (EXHFILE).

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Last Modified Date : 03/07/2018
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CA WA Restart EE (Encore) stores information about jobs that are tracked by CA WA ESP Edition.  These job history records are stored in the EXHFILE, and are used for restart and rerun purpose.  The EXHFILE can grow very large and therefore old job history records must be purged on a regular basis.  Records can be purged automatically using an installation setting, or can be purged manually by running a job. 


The job history records on the EXH data set are processed in job job groups. A job group consists of an initial run and all the restart runs. The job group concept prevents purging of an initial job when a failed initial job is followed by a large number of unsuccessful restarts. A job group is considered complete when the most recent job is executed successfully.  The age of a job group is equal to that of its recent member.


This applies to CA WA ESP Edition and CA WA Restart EE r11.4.


- Automatic purging of old records:  set ESP init statement "ENCPARM PURGE JOB(jobmask)" on the Master and proxy subsystems.  This statement can also be entered as a page mode command.  

Syntax: ENCPARM PURGE JOB(job-mask) [AGE(days)] [INCOMPLETEAGE(days)] [KEEP(number)] [INCOMPLETEKEEP(number)]

If you do not specify the values for AGE, INCOMPLETEAGE, KEEP, INCOMPLETEKEEP, then ENCPARM PURGE uses the values initially set when the EXHFILE was formatted.  Run job CYBRMQRY from the CD7YJCL sample library to see the current file retention values.

- Manual purging of old records: Run job CYBRMPRG from the CD7YJCL sample library.  CA WA ESP Edition and CA WA Restart EE can remain active while this job runs.

Additional Information:

Job CYBRMKEP from the CD7YJCL sample library can be used to change the file retention (AGE, INCOMPLETEAGE, KEEP, INCOMPLETEKEEP) values. CA WA ESP Edition and CA WA Restart EE can remain active while this job runs.   

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