Cleaning up USM Maintenance Schedules

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Last Modified Date : 19/03/2019
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The maintenance_mode probe does not archive expired maintenance schedules.
As a result, this may impact the user response times in UMP. 
UIM 9.X and earlier
Attached is an MS SQL script containing 3 queries that can be used to help.
  1.    "Cleanup of empty schedules"
  2.    "Cleanup of maintenance schedules older than 60 days"
  3.    "Cleanup of old maintenance WINDOWS"

Anyone of these 3 queries can be run as seen fit. 
It is advisable to backup the tables before running the script.
You may also change the "DELETE" to a "SELECT" before running.

Note: Be careful when cleaning up Schedules and Windows. In addition to the nas probe suppressing alarms the windows are
    also used by SLA Reports, and USM graphs (graphs will display maintenance windows, shaded grey area). If reducing the
    number of days to keep please check to see if these are needed for SLA's or graphs.

Note: for older installs it may be necessary to change the database name in the scripts from CA_UIM to NimsoftSLM.

Additional Information:
  • No probes need to be stopped in order to do this clean up.
  • You can check what is happening in the following ways:
    • If you want to know if records are removed you could do a simple
      • select count(*) from tablename for each table before and after.
      • You could run the delete query multiple times the first time it should show you X number of rows deleted the second time 0 rows.

Please consider the maintenance_mod probe release notes for important fixes:

What's New:

  • Updated this probe as part of addressing CVE-2018-13820 and CVE-2018-13819 vulnerabilities in CA UIM 9.0.2.

  • Updated this probe as part of removing known security vulnerabilities in CA UIM 9.0.2 by using the upgraded MariaDB components.

  • Updated this probe as part of supporting TLS v1.2 in CA UIM for establishing secure communication with the UIM databases: Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. For more information about how to enable TLS v1.2 support in CA UIM, see TLS v1.2 Support for Microsoft SQL Server and TLS v1.2 Support for Oracle.

Fixed Defects:

  • After DST changes, Western Australia schedules windows is not synchronized. It still shows only 2 hours difference instead of 3. (Support Case: 00879457)
  • Added the MAINTENANCE_WINDOW purge task, where the MAINTENANCE_WINDOW entries are purged when the corresponding MAINTENANCE_SCHEDULE is deleted. (Support Case: 01184935)
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