Cleaning up old Statistical records

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Last Modified Date : 26/02/2018
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We are looking at doing some cleanup.  When we select Option 6 then Option 5 to see statistics history it shows reports from years ago. We don't even have these reports in Bundl anymore.

Is there a Bundl utility to clean these old statistical records up?


The statistical history records that you see here are actually being stored in the Bundl DPMFSSF (Statistical Summary File) vsam file. Unfortunately, Bundl does not provide a utility for "cleaning up" or deleting the records that are stored in this file. 

It has been suggested in the past to clients who want to delete the older records from the DPMFSSF file that they can: 

  1. Execute an IDCAMS utility, perhaps using the FROMKEY / TOKEY parameters, to save only the records that you want to keep in the SSF to a sequential file. 
  2. Execute the Bundl DPMJ099T job to DELETE/REDEFINE a new DPMFSSF file. 
  3. Repro the sequential file from step 1 into the new SSF from step 2. 
Additional Information:

Alternatively, although we typically do not recommend it, you could manually EDIT the DPMFSSF file using File Aid/File Master or a similar product and remove the unwanted records that way. If you choose to use this method, make sure that you have a good backup of the DPMFSSF file to restore from before you begin your editing.