Clarity: There are no items that match the filter criteria for Project Manager Browse Filter Status = 'Inactive' User

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The 'Browse Resource' lookup is a system-restricted, dynamic query lookup that is used for the Project Object -> Manager Attribute.

The lookup definition has a 'BROWSE-ONLY' clause to restrict the list of available users for selection to only show 'Active' and 'Locked' user status. When the lookup browse window appears to the user, a filter section is included and for the 'Status' filter field, the pull-down lists 'Active', 'InActive' and 'Lock' choices. If the end-user chooses 'Inactive' they expect to see a list of users with a user status set to 'Inactive'. This selection choice should NOT appear in the filter section.

An example of where this lookup is used is on the Project Object -> Manager Attribute. The 'Manager' attribute appears on the Project List View Filter Section and on the Project General Properties page. Also, in the Lookup Definition -> Preview, the lookup browse window can be shown and the search for 'Inactive' users does not yield any results due to the lookup query definition 'BROWSE-ONLY' clause.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Login to Clarity as an administrator user

  2. Administration -> Resources

    Check to see that you have some users with 'Active', 'Inactive' and 'Lock' status

  3. Home -> Projects List view -> Filter Section

    Click 'browse' icon for the 'Manager' field in the filter section
    Select Status = Inactive
    Click 'Filter' button
    Actual Result: No results

  4. Navigate to an existing Project General Properties page

    Click 'browse' icon for the 'Manager' field
    Select Status = Inactive
    Click 'Filter' button
    Actual Result: No results

  5. Administration -> Lookups -> Search for the lookup

    Lookup Name = Browse Resource
    Dynamic Query
    Navigate to the Browse Window page
    Click 'Preview' button
    Select Status = Inactive
    Click 'Filter' button
    Actual Result: No results

Expected Result: The user Status field in the filter section should only display 'Active' and 'Lock' choices
Actual Result: The user Status field is using the 'User Status' lookup (ID=SEC_USER_STATUS) to display 'Active', 'Inactive' and 'Lock' choices


The Project Manager should be an active user of the Clarity application. The lookup is designed to show only active or locked users.

There are 2 places to mark a resource inactive. From Home -> Resources for the 'user' status and from Administration -> Resources for the 'resource' status. The 'Browse Resource' lookup is providing a list of 'Users'. The Project Manager must be a user and have the ability to use the Clarity application to manage the project. Therefore, the selection of a Project Manager should be a user that is active. Locked status can occur to prevent the user from accessing the application due to failed login attempts or other reasons by the Clarity administrator is setting the status.

If a user status is set to 'Inactive', change the status to 'Lock' for administrative of projects to change the Project Manager to an active user

  1. Check/Set the Resource Status on the Home -> Resource, status = 'Inactive'

  2. Check/Set the User Status on the Administration -> Resource, user status = 'Lock'

  3. Go to the Project List view and filter for Managers with 'Lock' user status

  4. Go to the Project General Properties Page -> Manager browse -> select a new Project Manager with 'Active' user status

NOTE: If your Clarity implementation is using LDAP to manage Clarity users, this workaround cannot be used as the Clarity Administrator won't have the ability to modify the user status for the inactive LDAP users.

Use the following steps as an alternative to locate projects associated with an inactive resource.

  1. Login as a Clarity Administrator
  2. Administration, Resources, locate the inactive resource
  3. Navigate to Instance Rights tab, click 'Project - Manager (Auto)' access right
  4. A list of projects will be displayed for this inactive project manager
  5. Click on the name of a project to change the Manager Name to an active resource

CLRT-66563, CLRT-62885
Resolved in Clarity 13.2