Clarity: The GL Allocation Details Percentage data is not getting completely sliced

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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There are two slice requests that slice data from the GL Allocation Details Percentage data for Standard Debit Rules and Credit Rules time varying segmented data. The application is only processing one of the slice requests and ignores the other one. It is only processing the 'first' slice request defined in the PRJ_BLB_SLICEREQUESTS table for this data.

The two slice definitions are:

- resourcecreditdetail::percentage::segment
- glallocationdetail::percentage::segment

Whichever one appears first in the prj_blb_slicerequests will get sliced and the other one does not. For example, if the resourcecreditdetail::percentage::segment is before the glallocationdetail::percentage::segment in the prj_blb_slicrequests table, the credit will get sliced, but the glallocation one will not get sliced.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create Standard Debit Rules and Credit Rules
  2. Create project transactions and process Chargebacks
  3. Ensure the 'Time Slicing' job has been executed successfully to get all slice data updated
  4. Query the Slice Request table to see which one appears first (natural order, no specific order clause)


  5. Query the GL Allocation Slice table to see if both slice requests are sliced into this table




Expected Result: Both Slice Requests should have sliced data in this table
Actual Result: Only one slice request is sliced into this table





Resolved in Clarity 13.1.0 Generic Patch. Reference TEC581256

Resolved in Clarity 13.2.0 Generic Patch. Reference TEC599354

Resolved in Clarity 13.3.0

NOTE: The resolution fix this issue requires a clean-up script to remove duplicated data that may need to be executed prior to upgrading to Clarity 13.3. If you are upgrading from a version that does not have this fix to Clarity 13.3.
The resolution fix will also deactivate the "resourcecreditdetail::percentage::segment" definition in the PRJ_BLB_SLICEREQUESTS table because the slice definition "glallocationdetail::percentage::segment" alone performs the slicing for both 'glallocationdetail' and 'resourcecreditdetail'.
If you are upgrading from a version that does not have this fix to Clarity 13.3, you may encounter a unique constraint error during the upgrade causing a failure.

Reference TEC606704 : Upgrade to 13.3 fails due to unique constraint on the ODF_SSL_GL_ALL_DTL_PCT table

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