Clarity PPM: Cannot Remove Aggregated Attribute or Its Filter

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Last Modified Date : 09/01/2019
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When attempting to remove filter from an aggregated attribute i get ERROR [en - Unable to process request - Server or Network error]
Defect DE45999

1) Login as admin 
2) Navigate to Administration->Objects, click New 
3) Create subobject of project object, I called it prj_sub 
4) Create subproject of prj_sub object you created in step 3 above, I called it prj_sub_sub 
5) Click on Attributes tab for object prj_sub_sub 
6) Create 2 attributes, in my cases I created one Date (type) attribute and another one lookup (type) attribute and I chose an out of the box Status lookup 
7) Now go to properties of prj_sub object and click on Attributes tab 
8) Click New to create new Aggregated (type) attribute, provide attribute name and id and click on Save 
9) Click on [Build Aggregate Calculated Attribute] and Select Function as AGG_Sum, for Sub Object choose prj_sub_sub and attribute should the lookup attribiute you created in Step 6. 
10) Generate Expression and Save 
11) Now click on [Define filter condition], I am pasting below the Expression I used, I would like to empahsize I did not copy it from anywhere it is build from the scratch 
( prj_sub_sub.lookup_attr == lookup("RPT_STATUS", "3487") ) || (( prj_sub_sub.lookup_attr == lookup("RPT_STATUS", "3488") ) && max( prj_sub_sub.test_date,"EQUALS",prj_sub_sub.test_date )) 
12. Evaluate and click on Save and Return, everything saves no error message. 
13. Click on Filter again you get ERROR [en - Unable to process request - Server or Network error] 
app-ca.log shows this warning: 
WARN 2018-12-10 17:30:40,266 [http-nio-80-exec-2803] web.marshaller (clarity:admin:5191311__8C0CECAB-956B-4BA3-8E89-A798D777AE6B:odf.acaInitExprBuilder) Invalid element name for canonical binding ( prj_sub_sub.lookup_attr
Fixed in 15.6