Clarity PPM: Active field is not shown as Required when creating a fiscal time period

Document ID : KB000022687
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Placing the 'Active' attribute on the Fiscal Time Periods Layout Create page forces the administrator to check the 'Active' Boolean checkbox to true.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Login as a Clarity Administrator
2. Admin Tool > Studio: Objects > Fiscal Time Period (id = fiscaltimeperiod)
3. Views > Fiscal Time Periods Properties [Layout:Create]
4. General Section > Click 'properties and layout' icon

Move 'Period Name' and 'Active' attributes from list of Available Attributes to Selected Attributes
Click 'Save' button

Note: Both attributes are automatically marked with asterisk to indicate 'Required' attributes


5. Finance: Setup > Entities > click the name of an existing Entity
6. Fiscal Time Periods Tab > Click 'New' button
Fill in all fields marked as required attributes

Note: The 'Active' attribute does not have the 'Required' icon
Click 'Save' button

Expected Result: The 'Active' attribute should not be set to 'Required' when placed on the Layout Create page
Actual Result: Placing the 'Active' attribute on the Layout Create page forces the user to 'check' the box. The Required Field filter does not display, so if the user doesn't check the 'Active' box, a message appears "All required fields need to be filled out".

Applies to all supported PAS environments for CA Clarity version 12.0

Caused by CLRT-47770

This issue was resolved in Clarity PPM 12.1.1 and Clarity PPM 13.0

The 'Active' Boolean attribute can be deactivated (unchecked) immediately from the Fiscal Time Periods List View.